Beekeepers Responsibilities

Beekeepers are responsible for the health and welfare of their bees, and in the first instance, for the management of pests and diseases. This duty of care includes:

  1. Recognising pests and diseases and through knowing their legal obligations, reporting any suspicion of notifiable pests or disease to their local Bee Inspector or the NBU;
  2. Maintaining good husbandry and health practices to prevent and control the spread of pests and diseases;
  3. Ensuring that their skills and competence levels are appropriate and up to date;
  4. Signing up to BeeBase;
  5. Complying with legislation on controlling pests and diseases, including standstill notices and import requirements;
  6. Using and storing medications and treatments appropriately;
  7. Maintaining records on the movement and location of their colonies within GB and making records available to their local Bee Inspector on request;
  8. Seeking specialist advice from their local beekeeping associations or from their local Bee Inspector.


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