The National Hive

national-hive-s600x600The National hive is the most popular hive amongst our association’s beekeepers and is very popular throughout England. Externally it’s its look is very similar to most of the other types of hive, varying only in size, it will hold 11 Frames and as with the WBC hive the brood chamber comes in Regular and Deep versions. It is common to have a super as an additional half brood.

The benefits of the National hive are the huge amount of second-hand equipment available, lower cost of purchase and ease of use.

  • national-open-s600x600This hive uses frames
  • Brood : 14″wide x 8 1/2″deep
  • Deep brood : 14″wide x 12″deep for brood
  • 1/2 Brood and supers : 14″wide x 5 1/2″deep