Useful files for the swarm collector

Swarm collecting is a very rewarding experience for beekeepers to help the public who may for the first times in their lives, see a swarm or find one in their garden. Swarm collecting in not for the inexperienced beekeeper; ideally you should 2 years of beekeeping under your belt, have passed your BBKA Basic certificate and attended the Herts BKA swarm collectors training.

Below are some useful links for our NHBKA Swarm collectors.

The following link is to the protocol that our swarm collectors must follow:-
Swarm Collectors Protocol

The following link displays a form that you should get signed my the property owner before attempting to removing a swarm:-
Swarm Collector Disclaimer

The following link is for beekeepers who want to receive swarms or help in the collection of them with experienced swarm collectors:-
Swarm Collector Doc