NHBKA 2024 Membership Subscription Rates.

Annual NHBKA Subscription (including BDI for upto 3 hives)  £31.00

For your subscription you get:-

  • Membership of the BBKA and an excellent monthly magazine.
  • Bee Disease Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Entry on to the swarm list if you need bees and are suitably trained.
  • You are allowed to keep your bees at an association apiary, (Space permitting). We have a number of association apiaries where the annual rent for hives is £8.00 per hive per year/part of year. (Paid up front with your subscription or when you move your hive to the apiary).
  • You are eligible to sell your honey on one of the association honey stalls at local events.
  • The Queen finding team are at your disposal!!
  • Free information available at indoor and outdoor meetings. –Find out how other beekeepers do it!
  • Lectures and demonstrations throughout the winter months.
  • Monthly Bee Clinic meeting during the summer months.
  • Visits to Members’ Apiaries through the summer, –See how other beekeepers do it!!!.
  • Extensive selection of loan equipment available through the association.
  • BBKA module assessment advice, tutoring and examination.
  • If you wish to take BBKA assessments or module examinations then membership to the BBKA is now a requirement and we are more than than happy to help you meet your goals.
  • And possibly most important, the company of fellow beekeepers’ offering an opportunity to swap knowledge, experiences, ideas and inevitably lots of tea and cake.

Bee Disease Insurance(BDI).

BDI Logo


Where, at the time of inspection by a duly authorised bee inspector, the number of colonies managed exceeds the number of colonies for which the premium has been paid, no cover will apply under this policy. (When determining the number of colonies to insure, potential increase must be taken into consideration).

Bee disease insurance for your colonies:-

Number of colonies BDI ChargeSubscription for Registered Members including BDI
Up to 3 colonies£2.00£31.00
Up to 5 colonies£3.20£32.20
Up to 10 colonies£6.70£35.70
Up to 15 colonies£9.75£38.75
Up to 20 colonies£11.50£40.50
Up to 25 colonies£13.10£42.10
Up to 30 colonies£15.60£44.60
Up to 35 colonies£18.10£47.10
Up to 39 colonies£20.10£49.10

If you have 40 or more hives, follow the link below to contact the insurance provider. More information on bee disease insurance can be found here:-http://www.beediseasesinsurance.co.uk

If you wish to become a member, download and complete the NHBKA Membership Subscription 2024 form. If you are a UK tax payer we are able to reclaim the basic rate of tax from your subscription, to allow us to do this please complete the Gift Aid reclaim form on page 4 of the membership subscription document above and send it in your application form.

If you have any questions regarding your membership application please contact our association Secretary or Treasurer.