What can we do?

088A number of our members are young and agile enough to collect swarms hanging from trees and bushes in their local area. This usually involves persuading the bees to take up home in a wooden or cardboard box that can be closed up and transported to their new home at the beekeepers apiary. Often it is not this straight forward and requires some creative thinking on behalf of the beekeeper.

Collecting the swarm can take serval hours and two visits to ensure all the honey bees are safely collected. It can be a hot job for the beekeeper who is usually very grateful of a cup of tea. At this point its worth having a chat with him/her about what is to happen with your swarm.

Some swarms take up residense in the fabric of your home either in the roof, walls or chimney. These are outside of the capability of most beekeepers. To read me about what is not possible then click here

Your first point of contact is our:-
Jamie Welch
Swarm Co-ordinator :
Tele: 07522485333
Email: swarms@nhbka.org.uk