Loan Equipment

As a member of North Herts BKA you will be able to loan

  • 2 Frame Tangential Honey Extractor – Takes SN1, SN4, DN1, DN4 and 14×12 frames
  • 10 Frame Taylors Radial Honey Extractor – Takes SN1 frames only
  • Uncapping Tray
  • Observation Hive
  • Refractometer
  • North Herts Banner
  • Collection WBC Hive
  • Small model WBC Hive
  • 2 WBC Hive shaped A boards
  • Lenovo Laptop and Epson Projector for training presentations
  • Bee suits (various sizes – mainly for visitors to our apiary sites.)
  • Gazebo and 2 folding tables

We hope to be purchasing further equipment in the coming year that will available for members to book out and use.