We have lots of opportunities for those who would like to help out Bees but don’t necessarily want to keep Bees. Our apiaries are like mini wildlife reserves that are managed to encourage plants and animals to flourish to the benefit of all wildlife.

We have a number of association apiaries that need tending from time to time to keep the undergrowth down and to keep the areas around the hives safe for the beekeepers to work. Most of our apiaries have ponds and wild areas for wildlife to make their home and feed but these need routine maintenance to keep them in tip top condition.

By volunteering you get to help maintaining the grounds in the apiaries, get to understand the needs of bees and other pollinators and make a contribution to the environment.

If you would like to help out then please get in contact.

Opportunities coming up:-
Hillbrow Community Orchard – creating a new orchard
Norton Apiary – general tidy up
Willian Apiary – Pond tidy, laying turf and creating wildflower beds.
Cambridge Road wildflower beds – tidy up and reseeding for spring