Code of Conduct – Facebook/WhatsApp Group Users

1 Audience: NHBKA members and other beekeepers to discuss topics and ideas relevant to the NHBKA, its publications, website, policies, events and other NHBKA related activity.

2 Purpose: for sharing UK beekeeping information.

3 What the site expects of contributors:

  • To avoid disagreements and disputes
  • To have one account only
  • They do not post anything that:
    • Brings the NHBKA into disrepute
    • Breaches confidentiality, data protection or copyright
    • Offends or insults
    • Encourages, supports or promotes illegal activity
    • Uses or encourages derogatory comments
    • Uses the NHBKA’s brand or visual identity in a damaging way
  • Contributors are expected to be polite and respectful towards all forum users including the Forum Moderators and NHBKA members and trustees.
  • That any claimed “facts” are backed up by science/direct experience
  • An understanding that this is an adult group so is moderated at that level.
  • The views expressed in this group are those of the individuals who post them and do not represent an “official” NHBKA stance unless expressly stated.
  • All views are welcome, but courtesy is key: avoid the use of derogatory language at all times. The site represents all levels of experience and has a growing group with thousands of members.
  • Contributors should take every opportunity to educate the general public about honeybees, beekeeping and pollinators, understanding that Beekeeping is an exceptionally complex subject.

4 The site moderators will:

  • Review, post and respond to comments in a timely manner.
  • Welcome constructive criticism.
  • Read all comments posted.
  • Moderate (delete) negative views without positive suggestions.
  • Block users who violate the rules as set out.
  • Delete all posts which include any form of advertising or promotion.
  • Have the final say in modifying, interpreting, and enforcing this Code of Conduct.
  • Act in a professional manner when engaging with users online. We will direct any individual discussions offline using a non-public communication route.

5 Site moderators will not:

  • Allow adverts or links to blogs or commercial sales sites except where these form a valid part of a discussion; we will not include posts from beekeeping business pages, business profiles or advertise private beekeeping courses. These will be deleted.
  • Respond to every comment because we do not have the resources to do this
  • Respond to customer support issues and will not post these comments to their blogs.
  • Post comments that are spam, inappropriate, defamatory, use profanity, or otherwise violate our policies or Terms of Use

This code of conduct will be reviewed annually on 1st January or nearest date if this falls on a weekend.