What should you do?

Stay Calm! Try and identify exactly what it is that has invaded your garden without getting yourself stung. Where possible keep others away from the swarm. Swarms are not aggressive but they are wild animals and should be treated with due respect. There are numerous images of Honey Bee swarms on the internet, do yours look like these images? A swarm of Honey bees can be tens of thousands of bees. Bumble bees, Solitary bees, Wasps and Hornets will generally be many fewer.

If you are still undecided about what you have, then look here for more information.

If you are fairly certain that what you have are Honey Bees, then you can contact our one of our swarm collectors, click here for the list, alternatively call our swarm coordinator on 07522485333. They will try to ascertain if they are Honey Bees and if they are, they will try to arrange to call and collect the swarm. Please be aware that beekeeping for most is a hobby and we have jobs during the daytime, and so may not be able to come out immediately.

If you are unable to contact a beekeeper and you have a swarm in a tree or bush, it is likely that the bees will move on to a new home within a day or so, but please do try to contact us as they may take up home in yours or your neighbours chimney.