To join our association, you do not have to keep bees, you only need to have an interest in bees…. you don’t even need to live in Hertfordshire!!! Non-members are welcome to attend our indoor meetings and also attend taster sessions at association apiaries.

You do not need to become a member until you wish to keep bees of your own. Our membership year runs from the March 1st, you are however, welcome to become a member at anytime.

Membership benefits include:

  • Membership of the BBKA and an excellent mo nthly magazine.
  • Bee Disease Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Entry on to the swarm list if you need bees and are suitably trained.
  • You are allowed to keep your bees at an association apiary, (Space permitting).
  • You are eligible to sell your honey in Hitchin, at the old market place. (A small commission is payable to the association).
  • The Queen finding team are at your disposal!!
  • Free information available at indoor and outdoor meetings. —Find out how other beekeepers do it!
  • Lectures and demonstrations throughout the winter months.
  • Visits to Members’ Apiaries through the summer, —See how other beekeepers do it!!!.
  • Loan equipment available through the association.
  • BBKA module assessment advice, tutoring and examination.
  • And possibly most important, the company of fellow beekeepers’ offering an opportunity to swap knowledge, experiences, ideas and inevitably tea and cake.