Asian Hornet

The Asian Hornet is a major new threat to all flying insects especially honey bee colonies in the UK. Asian Hornets are a ferocious predator of honey bees and can destroy a colony in a very short time.

Asian Hornet at rest. It’s mainly black with yellow legs and a single yellow band on its tail.

Your contact at NHBKA is Gary Hammond 07889 112399, email or WhatsApp any photos or videos that you have taken of your suspected Asian Hornet to .

If you need to see more images and videos of the Asian Hornet then please click here

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The best way to report any sightings is via the ‘Asian Hornet Watch‘ app. This logs your sighting and reports it directly with the National Bee Unit with is part of DEFRA.

Photo of asian hornet watch app   Photo of asian hornet watch app

The ‘Asian Hornet Watch’ app is available for both Android and iPhone – click on the logo below to download the app now.

The Asian Hornet Watch App for iPhones/iPads

The Asian Hornet Watch App for Android devices

You can also download a poster to print and dispaly at your place of work or club by clicking here