What can’t we do.

IMG_4298We probably cannot remove bees that have taken up residence in your chimney, inaccessible roof space, or wall cavity. Most beekeepers do not come armed with long ladders, so a swarm at a height of more than 3m is also unlikely to be a good proposition for the local beekeeper. He or she may be unwilling to undertake any removal where there is a risk of damage to your property, if on the off chance it is possible to remove the colony they will ask you to sign a disclaimer prior to its removal.

If the colony is easily accessable, it is worth asking the swarm collector as it may be possible to remove the colony of bees in your home . Also check with your home insurer as some cover for honey bee removal. As in this picture, to remove bees from a chimney requires scaffolding, specialist equipment and a beekeeper with a head for heights to remove a colony of bees and their nest.

What does a collectable swarm look like?

If you have bees in your chimney, under no circumstances light a fire, call our swarm collectors or a pest control company who specialise in the removal of the complete colony and its nest. The nest (wax and honeycomb) needs to be removed as it will catch fire.

For high or tricky situations you may need to contact a local pest controller!