Swarm Collectors 2018

Befo1180re calling one of our swarm collectors, can you please read the pages on what we can and can’t do. We get huge numbers of call outs for honey bees so we are not able to help out with bumble bees, solitary bees or wasps. Moving bumble bees is not advised and solitary bees do not sting, so for both of these we suggest you try and accommodate them in your garden for the short time that they are around. For wasps, please call your nearest pest control company.

It really helps the swarm collector if you can take a picture of the swarm from a safe distance and send it through to them.

Please select the nearest swarm collector to the location of the swarm.

Chris Saunders
Swarm Coordinator
North Herts/Mid Beds 07808 007539
Suze Phillips Baldock/Shefford 07523 876505
Dave Corbett Barton/Luton 01582 881524
Robert Burnage Breachwood Green/Luton 01438 832545
Gary Hammond Hitchin/Letchworth/Willian 07889 112399
Malcolm Todd Hitchin 01462 453458
Keith Lauder Langley, Nr Hitchin 07768 300922
Angela Smale Letchworth 01462 685848
Ian Brakenbury Pirton/Shillington/Hitchin 07887 761151
Chris Mercer Preston/Luton 07740 280081
Roger Greenwood Rushdon/Buntingford/Royston 07572 016759
Frank Everest Stevenage 07710 268334
Geoff Feary Stevenage 07949 014830
Oliver Kelly Whitwell/Kimpton etc. 07957 100293