Beginners Course update

Sunday 13th March saw our second session at Mrs Howard Memorial Hall for 25 new beekeepers.

Proceedings started with Gary talking about products from the hive and what it can be made from them. The main products being honey, wax and propolis. By-products included

Next up was Malcolm talking about the 4 main hive types and where and how they are used. These being the Top Bar Hive, The National and its predecessors, The WBC and the Long Hive (Dartington/Omlet).

We then had a short break before Chris took to the floor and spoke about the different types Frames (DN1, DN4, SN1, SN4 etc) and the various configurations of Brood boxes.

Gary was back on the floor talking about protective clothing and beekeeping tools that you needs. Most of the items needed were passed around for closer inspection.

Finally Chris closed the session with a talk on Hive Maintenance and Apiary Hygiene.

A well earned coffee for Anne and Suze who fielded questions and kept everyone fed and watered.

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